In Inarel our management fundament is a constant dynamism, trying to meet (and surpassing) the needs and expectations of the markets / customers.

To this end, over the last decade, we have made investments in order to achieve, maintain and improve our performance in all markets where we are present. Our internationalization is thus a known fact, because we are present in all continents, betting for this purpose, on participation in international fairs in the sector and agents, without ever neglecting the domestic market.

Given that our production was until the end of 2010 almost exclusively for kitchen sinks, we felt the need to add new products to our range, which mark a difference in the market , either in qualitative or in terms of production automation. Thus, after a process of selective identification of needs for product / market, we set to invest in exhaust pipes and accessories, taking advantage of the know-how acquired over the years, as regards the raw materials used.

This bet is a bet wins and consolidated, as users of these products are unanimous in stating that this is a product with a more aesthetic value and functional unique in the domestic market.
It is based on strong ethical principles and for believing that any of us can make a difference in the constant improvement of customer satisfaction (relative to our competitors), we remain at the forefront, determined to overcome all the difficulties we face in day-to-day.

For this, we daily count on our employees, customers, suppliers, the community in general, as the cornerstone of our growth and development, in the background, the creation of value.